Cooling Tower Services

For decades, the cooling towers have been considered as secondery neglected equipment in the plant. Its always too late when endusers know how important to keep thier cooling towers in safe hands after they suffers major breakdown or capacity degrade which will consume most of thier maintenane budgets.
Our maintenance packages can identify small problems before they can turn into more costly repairs.
These are often not damages that can be identified by your regular cleaning crew or chemical team.
We also have on-the-spot repairs or even upgrade and retrofit solutions that can help you saving energy or providing more cooling capacities.

Predictive Maintenance
  • Laser Alignment.
  • Vibration Analysis.
  • Gear Oil Analysis.
  • Sound Testing.
  • Thermography.
  • Water Quality Check.
Preventive Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Programs.
  • One Time Maintenance.
  • Oil Replacement Service.
  • Disinfection and Cleaning.
  • Automatic Lubrication System
Corrective Repairs
  • 27/7 support for any unplanned breakdown or components failures.
Refurbishment Service
  • Fill Replacement.
  • Drift Eliminator Replacement.
  • Nozzles Replacement.
  • Drive Replacement.
Predective 2 (2)
Upgrade & Retrofit
  • Thermal Performance Upgrade. 
  • Drift Rate Enhancement.
  • Air Circulation Prevention.
  • Hygyne Retrofits.
  • Sound Level Reduction.
Predective 2 (2)
Spare parts
  • Fill Media.
  • Drift Eliminators.
  • Nozzles.
  • Drive Components.
  • Safety Switches.
  • -Oil & Conumbles.

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